Our Story

You’re interested in our story? Great! We love to share it……
Steve & I are native Texans and were both born & raised in the same small town outside of Lubbock. When it came time to plan our own wedding I knew that I wanted an outdoor wedding. At last, our wedding day arrived and….it snowed….in April….in Lubbock, Texas! And despite having to move our wedding indoors at the last minute, it was still fun and beautiful!

Early on in our marriage, Steve & I talked about how we thought it would be fun to have a B&B “or something” someday. Well here we are at “someday” and we own a wedding venue! Crazy!  Our journey to get here has been an adventure in itself. Once we decided that a wedding venue would suit us better than a B&B, we began dreaming and praying…..a lot! By 2014 we were considering different properties to purchase but the door closed on each one. It was heartbreaking but each time the next property was better and more suitable than the last so we kept our faith that the Lord had something great in store for our family! We had a pretty detailed criteria list because we also knew that we wanted to live on the same piece of property. Our kids craved being in the country. Steve & I did too! Finally, in 2015 we grudgingly decided to take a look at a property we had only seen in photos online. (unflattering photos too I might add)  When we arrived, we were “wowed” over and over again….this property not only met our criteria but it exceeded it too! I mean it when I say that the sunsets are amazing, the blanket of stars and the milky way view are breathtaking and the stillness and peacefulness of the hill country are just beautiful.

Upon moving here we began thinking of a name for the venue. Nothing sounded like ‘the one’. We began noticing cardinals, or redbirds, more and more on our property in addition to many other birds. Cardinals mate for life too! We just loved the symbolism of this with regards to a wedding venue and the name Redbird Ridge was born!

Our wish for Redbird Ridge is to provide an unforgettable setting for couples to begin their journey through life together and we pray that each couple only loves one another more each day following their wedding day! I hope that after each couple says their vows amongst the painted sky and reflected light in the pond, that years and years from that day as they watch other sunsets over water together, that they remember just how in love they were that day at Redbird Ridge.  Our family is here for you and we wish you the best! We are honored to be a party of your story.

We look forward to meeting you!

~ Shannon & Steve

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7